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 Egg choices can be very confusing these days.  There are Free Range, Organic, Pasture Raised, Cage Free etc.  Most folks think that Organic eggs mean free range or pasture raised but that is not always true.  Chickens can be fed organic feed and still be kept in a cage.  They can be called Cage Free or Free Range and still be kept in cramped buildings with no room to even spread their wings. Over crowded conditions are why  chickens are de-beaked.  This keeps them from fighting and killing each other.


We do not ship eggs.

  We believe in raising our chickens the old fashion way like our grandparents did.  Our pasture raised heritage breed chickens produce eggs with rich yolks and are healthier than commercial eggs.  They contain more omega 3 and less cholesterol. They are fed a premium diet of organic grains, spring water, herbs and vegetables. We raise them from the day they are hatched. You will taste the farm fresh difference. The colors of the eggs vary depending on the breed of chicken. Colors include rich brown from our Welsummers to light blue from our Ameracanas. The heritage breeds do not produce as many eggs as the high producing commercial breeds which is why they are now not as popular.   The happy chicks are allowed to roam and run the pasture, spread their wings, eat bugs, go sheep back riding, amuse us and act like chickens. They like it that way.

They never receive antibiotics, hormones, etc.

Producer: E.C. Tasting Gallery
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