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Zucchini & other summer squashes, tips for uses

Delicate & perishable—eat as soon as possible.

 Cut fresh slices/chunks/stocks to eat raw with a dip, or add to salads and pastas.

Cut in coins slices and saute’ in butter or oil, or grill;  use any herbs/spices on top for flavor

Cut oblong pieces, dip in a batter of your choice and fry.

Cut into coins to add to shish-kabobs with other veggies and/or meat pieces.

Add raw small cut pieces to tuna, salmon or egg salad.

Grate or thinly slice into green salads, or shred to make a squash slaw.

 Add to stewed tomatoes toward end of the cooking of the tomatoes.

Mash cooked summer squash, drain well and blend with butter, salt and pepper to taste.  Add finely grated cheese, if desired.

 For larger fruits, shred to make breads & cakes, or cut lengthwise and scoop out the center flesh.  Bake the zucchini “boats” then use the scooped-out flesh to make a filling of your choice.  Return to oven topped with shredded cheese & lightly brown under broiler.


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