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Whatever Soup

Now this one is easy, easy easy. Farmer Josh and I needed a warm belly before pickin' some tunes so we did a quick survey of fridge contents and put whatever we wanted into the soup. The result - besides Josh pretending to be a master Chef- was a delicious, thick and creamy soup. 

You need:

-whatever veggies you want...we used carrots, celery, turnips, arugula and onion

-vegetable or beef stock (a few cups)

-can of cream of something (we used mushroom)

-ground beef (optional)...we used grassfed beef from the farm

-salt, pepper and seasonings (your choice)...we used thyme, rosemary and the like

-noodles (your choice)...we used gnocchi for fun


What you do:

-Brown the meat. Add whatever veggies you have to that after some initial browning. 

-Add spices to the meat

-Heat up the stock you have and add the creamy soup. You need to estimate how much you want to mix together based on how thick you want the soup to be!

-Add your meat/veggie mix

-Let it sit on low heat for 20 minutes at least. Be sure to stir and don't boil it into oblivion!


We both ate plenty and I put up a few quarts of it in freezer ziplock bags for later. We toasted some bread and ate it with the soup...delicious!

Whatever Soup





Josh pretending to be Master Chef



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