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Syrian Beet Salad

adapted from Moosewood Restaurant Daily Special


2 quarts water

3 large beets

1 tbsp. chopped fresh chives

2 tbsp. chopped fresh cilantro or basil

2 garlic cloves, minced

½ fresh hot pepper, seeded and minced (1 tbsp.)

1 tsp. ground cumin

2 tbsp. fresh lemon juice

3 tbsp. olive oil

1 tsp. salt, or to taste


In large pot, bring water to boil. Cut beets into ½ inch cubes. Place cubes in boiling water, lower to a simmer, and cook until tender, about 10-15 minutes. Drain beets and transfer to serving bowl. Add rest of ingredients and toss well. Serve warm, chilled, or at room temperature. (This recipe also works well with leftover cooked beets.)

Serves 4-6

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