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Suggestions for Swiss Chard

A few of our CSA members offered these suggestions on how to prepare swiss chard:

By Aggie Flynn

Regarding Chard Chips, she suggests puting chip sized pieces of chard into a bag (old bread bags, if you have any), add the olive oil, and shake till all leavs are coated. Then cook as stated in newsletter recipe.


By Renee Kudrna

1 T butter, a few red pepper flakes, a dash of garlic salt, 1 can diced tomatoes with juice, 1 can Garbanzo beans - drained. Combine together in large pan. Heat through for a few minutes before adding chopped up chard. Add dash of garlic salt. Cook until chard is wilted resembling cooked spinach. Very Yummy!

Leftovers may be stored in airtight bag or container and still good the next day.



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