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Ryal’s Grass-fed Beef or Goat Meatballs with Fresh Herbs


1 lb Ryal’s grass-fed ground beef or goat

1 Creole onion, finely chopped

½ cup green pepper, finely chopped

2 large cloves garlic

Hot pepper to taste

Avery Island salt to taste

Handful finely chopped fresh herbs (oregano, basil, thyme, sage, parsley)

2 Tbsp butter


Combine all of the above ingredients except the butter in a bowl. Melt butter into a frying pan over medium-high heat. (I always use cast iron and never non-stick pans for health reasons.) Shape the mixture into bite-size meatballs. Place them in a single layer in the frying pan. Saute until golden brown and turn until all sides are nice and brown.


Note: You can also add Ryal’s chevre to the mix as an option.

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