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Romaine Lettuce

A delicious way to serve Romaine lettuce.

Head of Romaine lettuce
Onion - any kind i.e red, yellow, white
olive oil
seasoning (salt, pepper, and you can add any of your other favorites too.)

  1. Wash and dry lettuce head.
  2. Take a cotton string and tie the lettuce together 3/4 from the end.
  3. Cut onion into chucks 1/2" - 1"
  4. cover both the Lettuce and onion with olive oil and season.
  5. Grill on med/high heat.
  6. You will want to turn the lettuce about 4 times, the outside will become charred. Turn the onions 2-3 times, they will also char a bit.
  7. When onions begin to fall apart, remove lettuce and onions from grill, chop into serving and eat immediately. This dish should be served hot!
You can eat it straight up or dress with your favorite salad dressing.
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