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Robust Beet Salad

8 servings

This recipe keeps very well in the refrigerator.


3 lbs. beets

1/4 cup brown sugar

1/4 cup rice or cider vinegar

1/4 cup water

1 tsp. wasabi powder (Japanese horseradish)

1 tsp. dry mustard powder

1 Tbs extra-virgin olive oil

1 large onion, sliced thin

Salt to taste

  1. Cut off the beet tops about an inch above the beet. In a large pot cover the beets with three inches of cold water and bring to a boil. Cover and boil over medium heat until tender, about 45 minutes.
  2. <:AtomicElement>Drain the beets under cool running water. Slip off their skins. Trim off stems and root ends and slice the beets thinly.
  3. <:AtomicElement>Combine the sliced beets in a bowl with the other ingredients, add salt to taste, and chill. Stir several times. This salad will keep for a week in the refrigerator.
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