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Puree of Giant Winter Spinach Soup

Serves 6-8


~2lbs of Spinach, washed and slightly drained

1 bunch of scallions, rinsed, and chopped

6-8 cups of homemade chicken stock, reserve some for pureeing Spinach

3-4 T of Olive oil

1-2 tsp of salt to taste

2 tsp of black pepper

4 oz of thickly graded sharp chedder cheese as a topping, plus extra olive oil

Heat the chicken broth on medium heat and add seasonings, and scallions

Then while heating start to puree the spinach in batches.  For each batch add a T of olive oil and reserved chicken broth.  After each batch is done just add into the warm broth.  Continue this until you have a beautiful Green Soup.

Serve in bowls with an added drizzle of olive oiland top with cheese

Then slice some pear and more chedder cheese to be served along with toasted Amaranth, Flax, and Wheat Cranberry Bread (or any other bread you have on hand!)

The soup is excellent warm, and then can be saved as leftovers for a next day cold soup.  Try adding some yogurt when having it as a cold soup as this is delicious too!



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