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Pozole with Green Chile

1       can.  Hominy or Pozole

½      C.     Bacon, diced

½      ea.    White onion, sliced

Green Sauce

1)     Drain hominy and rinse well.

2)     Render bacon with onions until onions are soft. 

3)     Top with green sauce and simmer.


Green Sauce

         Green sauce is a great sauce that, again, goes with a lot of stuff.  As a sauce for grilled or braised meats, to cover enchiladas before baking, or as a base for soup.  It freezes well so if you want to make a large batch and freeze in pints, you can pull it out to make a quick Mexican dinner.

1       Lb     Peeled, washed tomatillos

1       ea.    Whole jalapenos, de-stemmed

1/4    C      Rough chopped white onion

5       ea.    Whole garlic cloves

1       tsp.   Salt

1/8    C.     Chopped Cilantro


1)     Clean tomatillos by immersing in cold water and removing skins

2)     Place tomatillos in a wide, shallow casserole with whole jalapenos, onion, whole garlic and salt.

3)     Roast vegetables in a pre-heated 500° oven for about 45 minutes until soft and lightly browned.  (Can also be roasted in a pan over a hot grill with the lid on.)

4)     Pass through a food mill on the medium mesh blade.

5)     Add chopped cilantro to strained sauce and combine thoroughly with whisk.



--courtesy of Bill Fuller, big Burrito Restaurant Group



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