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Peaches and Cream

This lovely creation comes by way of Messy & Picky, another of our favorite Philly food bloggers and fine Fair Food Farmstand volunteers!  Enjoy!  All photos are also theirs and used with their permission.  Many thanks to these local food advocates!


  • 1/2 can Three Springs Fruit Farm canned peaches (substitute 2 medium to large peaches in season)
  • 1 qt. Dutch Way Farm Market Heavy Cream (38% milkfat or thereabouts)


Directions (click for P&M's step by step instructions)

Take 2 or 3 peach halves and cut them into six bite-sized pieces each.  Then, pour one pint (a half quart) of cream into a mixing bowl, add a tablespoon of sugar and whip with a hand mixer.  Put the two together, and voila!

Picky & Messy Peaches and Cream


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