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Parsley Oil

This idea is from Ana Sortun's book, Spice. She is the chef and owner of Oleana restaurant in Cambridge and is married to Chris Kurth, who is the owner of Siena Farms in Sudbury, a gorgeous farm with amazingly beautiful produce. This oil is used with her recipe for garlic and almond soup.

Place in a blender:

5 tablespoons of olive oil

1/2 vitamin C tablet (optional) 

1/2 bunch fresh flat-leaf parsley (about 1 cup)

Blend for 3 to 6 minutes on high speed, making a bright green oil.  The parsley should completely liquefy, and there shouldn't be any flecks in the oil.

The natural chlorophyll turns the oil bright green. The Vitamin C helps the oil keep its vivid green color for up to a week.

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