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John's Apple Wine

logoJohn, Ben, and Dave all caught the homebrew bug right about the time we started attending farmers markets and having our own cider made weekly.  Unlike Dave and Ben, John has really spent some time honing his craft to the delight of all of his friends and relatives.  Today, he's cutting his favorite 1 gal batch recipe loose so all our customers can also learn the joy of homebrew and, in this case, home wine.  Just follow these easy instructions and enjoy!



  1. start with one gallon of Three Springs Fruit Farm Apple Cider
  2. add 2 lbs of white sugar, stir until fully dissolved
  3. juice 2 large lemons (with or without pulp) and add to cider
  4. put mixture into 1 gal glass bottle with 1 campden tablet, crushed
  5. add 1/2 pack of Champagne yeast - remembering to bring yeast to room temperature first
  6. top the glass bottle with the appropriate sized rubber cork and air lock - filling air lock to the fill line with water
  7. when sediment accumulates, rack the liquid off the top into a new 1 gallon jar, replacing the displaced sediment with water
  8. reattach the air lock and allow 3-4 months for full fermentation - pour and enjoy

optional - add one teaspoon of cinnamon after fermentation and re-rack later to add a little cinnamon flavor to your wine

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