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Garlic & Herb Potato Salad

1 lb potatoes

1 clove garlic

¼ c. chopped fresh herbs (cilantro, parsley, basil, marjoram, etc.)

sea salt

extra virgin olive oil


Gently wash potatoes, keeping skins intact. Cut into cubes, or leave whole if using baby sized potatoes. Steam or boil potatoes until just tender enough to eat. Be careful not to cook too long and get mushy potatoes. Meanwhile, finely chop garlic and herbs. Once potatoes are done, drain and place in bowl. Add a few tbsp. olive oil and about ½ tsp. sea salt and stir to allow potatoes to absorb. Add garlic and herbs and mix well. Add more salt or olive oil to taste. Serve warm or room temperature.

*I love this with just cilantro, or an herb combination including parsley, basil and marjoram/oregano. It is delicious served warm with dinner, and the cold leftovers are great for lunch the next day!       - Aimee

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