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Garlic and Basil Dressing

While not strictly a dressing, this concoction is great for grilling, for adding zest to cooked or raw veggies, and for using on just about anything but apple pie!

If you do want to make it into a traditional salad dressing, just add some quality balsamic vinegar.

As always - adjust quantities to taste -

Olive Oil

Fresh Basil - Several large leaves

Garlic - I use three or four cloves - but I love garlic


Place all ingredients in a mini chopper and process until well combined.

Use in place of margarine on baked potatoes or sweet corn, use as an alternative dressing for potato salad (this was a hit at a recent pool party), use as a marinade for grilled zucchini or mushrooms, pour over tomatoes , or use as a dipping sauce for crusty bread!


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