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Endive "Dandelion" Beet Green and Bergamot "Bee Balm" Salad topped with Sauteed French Potatoes and

Endive "Dandelion" Beet Green and Bergamot "Bee Balm" Salad topped with Sauteed French Potatoes and Raw Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Serves 2-4

1 bunch of Beet Greens and Stalkes

1 Catalogna Emerald Endive (~10-12 leaves)

4 scallions, chopped

~6 Bergamot Leaves Minced

4 new potatoes

2-4 oz of raw sharp cheddar cheese

~4-6 T of olive oil

Salt and Pepper to taste

2 T of Honey Mustard (ex. Annie's Organic Honey Mustard, not the

dressing but the honeyed mustard)

2-4 T of White Wine Vinegar

1/2 cup of raisins

1/2 cup of walnuts

Heat about 1-2 T of olive oil in pan that can be covered over medium heat.  Have your potatoes rinsed, dried, and cut into thin sliced rounds.  When pot gets warm add you potatoes in and flip around.  Add salt and pepper to taste and then cover.  Ever so often flip around in the pan to make sure the potates are not sticking.  You will probably cook them for  them for about 25 minutes.  They will become very aromatic and will look slightly browned along the edges. Potatoes prepared this way, as my husband put it, are like classic French Potatoe Fries. 

While your potatoes are cooking you can assemble you salad.  Roughly chop the Beet greens.  Chop the Stems up finely.  Then chop the endive greens up finely as well.  Mix all of these greens in a salad bowl.  Mince the Bergamot and add to your bowl of greens.  Add the chopped scallions.

Now divy the greens out in to your  large dinner bowls and add equal amounts of raisins and walnuts to all bowls.  Then divide the amounts of mustard, olive oil, white wine vinegar, salt and pepper in between the servings, therefore you will not have to pre mix the dressing as you can just toss and coat each person's greens, nuts, and raisins with the liquids you distributed on top.  Keep in mind that the potatoes will have some oil on them so do not forget and get the salad to oily.  Salads that are already tossed by hand before placing them in front of family or guest always seem to be more evenly coated with the wonderful flavors, as it is always more difficult to mix a dressing or vinaigrette in by fork. 

Slice your cheese into small long thin pieces and set aside.  Finally you will put the sauteed potatoes on top of the tossed greens.  Top with the sliced cheddar cheese and serve up.

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