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Cajun "Say What?" Sandwich

A friend of mine ate at Candle 79 in New York and posted a picture of her lunch - a Cajun Seitan Sandwich that I just HAD to try and make. I have no idea what the sandwich at Candle 79 tastes like but I love my version! Seitan is a mystery to many (hence the "say what?" in the title). It is made from wheat gluten so not for the gluten intolerant (use firm tofu instead). Seitan has a chewy 'meaty' texture and is easy to make - but even easier is to buy it premade in the grocery store if you've never tried it before. Firm tofu or even tempeh would also work well in this sandwich.


Servings:         4

Prep time:       15 minutes

Cook time:      5 minutes

Total time:       20 minutes



For the seitan strips:

One pound seitan or firm tofu

One cup chickpea (garbanzo bean) flour (or any flour that you are used to dredging with).

One tablespoon Cajun seasoning (adjust this depending on your tolerance for heat).

Salt to taste if it isn't already in your Cajun seasoning.

1-2 tablespoons cooking oil to sautee the seitan

For the sandwich:

4 good quality crusty bread rolls (gluten free bread if you need this to be gluten free)

One avocado

One large sweet onion

Fresh spinach leaves



This serves four. For fewer sandwiches simply cut back on the amounts accordingly.

For the seitan:

Mix chickpea (garbanzo bean) flour with Cajun seasoning and salt (if using).

Slice seitan or tofu into strips - I like them on the thin side but cut it into whatever thickness you prefer

Moisten seitan or tofu in water and dredge in flour mix.

Heat your frying pan, add the oil, and then add the seitan or tofu slices. Cook until browned and crispy. Watch carefully to avoid burning.

For the sandwich.

Slice the rolls.

Spread 1/4 of the avocado on one half of each roll. Add a little more Cajun seasoning if desired.

Layer on the seitan or tofu slices.

Top with sliced onion and fresh spinach leaves.

Serve with a salad and Nearly Instant Soft Serve Ice Cream for dessert!

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