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Bits of Squid Stew

Just happened to have a bit of squid left from my share (I'm a single user:)   So I added it to some of the fish "bits" in my freezer (a bit of under a pound maine shrimp), some mussels from this am, and a nice chunk of andouille sausage...then added a cup of basmati to the pan after all the flavors had medlied together.  yummy, and tasted even better the second day.

I cooked the mussels separately in garlic , thyme, wine and lemon, then used the juices to add to the mixture below.


Here's the construction:)

Heat a fry pan medium heat and saute till golden in 2T of peanut or canola oil

some minced garlic ,chopped onion and handful of sundried tomatoes with 1 T of chipotle season - then add cut up browned sausage, bits of squid, left over little shrimps, mussel meats.

Pour the liquid from the steamed mussels into the pan and add 1 cup of cooked basmati rice to the mix - heat it all through and serve.

Made up on the fly - but give it a try.  It was fun.





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