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Beets Cooking Tips


Cooking Tips

  • Simply scrub skin, do not peel unless necessary. (Trace minerals lie just below surface of skin.)
  • Grate raw into salads.
  • Steam or boil, top with butter or olive oil.
  • Best cooking method – Bake beets! Cut into chunks, toss with olive oil, bake covered at 350-400 for 30-45 minutes, until beets pierce tender with a fork. Excellent roasted alone, or with onion chunks or whole garlic cloves, with carrots, or in a medley of root vegetables.
  • Saute fresh young beet greens with olive oil, garlic, and tamari (soy) sauce or salt. 

Storage Tips

  • Separate greens from roots. Store roots in plastic bag in with damp cloth if needed, to prevent drying out and softening. Roots will keep for several weeks this way.
  • Store greens wrapped in damp cloth or in plastic bag in fridge.
  • Winter storage – pack beets in moist sand and keep in cool, but not freezing location.


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