Scallions (Green Onion)

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Green Salsa
Turnip and Potato Patties
Broccoli and Tofu in Spicy Peanut Sauce
Noodle Salad with Peanut-Lime Vinaigrette
Corn & Black Bean Salad
Creamy Herb Dressing
Cabbage & Fish Tacos
Lemon Basil Vermicelli
Beet Green Omelette
Country Glazed Beets
Au Gratin Cabbage
Rice with Greens
Festive Cilantro Couscous Salad
Pepper & Tomato Pasta with Shrimp
Pepper & Tomato Pasta with Shrimp
Red Pepper Soup
Bavarian Potato Salad
Becky's Oniony Potatoes
Salad Nicoise (Summer Farm Salad)
Indian Spinach Salad
Vegetable Vinaigrette
Asian Spinach Salad
Spinach Balls
Lentil & Spinach Puffs
Stuffed Spinach Shells
Endive "Dandelion" Beet Green and Bergamot "Bee Balm" Salad topped with Sauteed French Potatoes and
Green Gravey (French Sorrel Based), Roasted Organic Heritage Chicken, French Sorrel, and Raisin Bisc
Ricotta Spinach Dip
Grilled Scallions with Sesame Oil
Squash Soup
How to Make a Simple Curry "Anything"
Spaghetti with Green Onion Sauce
Red and Green Cabbage with Thai-Style Fresh Herb dressing
Crunchy Napa Cabbage Slaw
Abundant Greens Savory Tart
Ina Garten's Tabouleh
Tasty Greens recipe
Balkan Cucumber Salad
Beef and dark beer chili
Napa Cabbage Salad
Collard green, cornmeal and sausage soup (sopa de fuba)
Kohlrabi and Fennel salad
Creamy purslane potato salad
Spicy purslane potato salad
Baby bok choy slaw
Green Bean Salad
Quinoa and Blueberry Salad
Black Bean and Peach Salad
Curried Quinoa with Apples
Stuffed Patty Pan Squash
Tasty Herbed Flying Saucers and other Identified Squash
Hollygrove’s Salad Sandwich (bahn mi pho)
Sunday Brunch
Smoky Chicken & Sausage Jambalaya
Savory Marinated Mushrooms
Reincarnated Tomatoes
Savory Cauliflower & Cabbage Slaw
Red Beans & Rice Salad
Campbell Farms Fried Popcorn Rice
White Potato Salad
LA Hydro Tomato Soup
Scalloped Turnips
Freret Festival Pasta Salad
Tostada Topping
Best Quiche Ever
Spinach Mushroom Soup
Squash Sammie
Stir Fry
Green Goddess Dressing
Chili with Black Beans, Mustard Greens and Kale
Wilted Lettuce Salad
Winter Squash Soup
Springtime Bacon and Egg Fried Rice
Chilled Sorrel and Spinach Soup
Wood Sorrel Butter
Purslane and Parsley Salad
Pasta and Greens
Hanny's Spring Green Pizza
Zucchini Pie
Here's a barb, there's a barb, everywhere a RHUBARB!
Chow Mein with Peas, Greens, Bok Choi
Balkan Cucumber Salad
Spinach Melon-Mint Salad
Creamy Light Potato Salad
Sauteed Peas, Radishes, and Greens
Hot Bacon Dressing Salad
Chinese Noodles
Joi Choi Slaw
Salsa Soup
Texas Caviar
Stuffed Zucchini Boats
Autumn Potato Salad Recipe
Orange Vinaigrette
Seasoned Spinach
Napa Cabbage Salad with Peanut Sesame Dressing
Carrot Salsa
Quinoa Taboulleh
Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce
Momofuku Restaurant Ginger Scallion Noodles
Momofuku Restaurant Ginger Scallion Noodles
Sauteed Snap Peas with Scallions and Radishes
Country Style ColeSlaw
Onion or Scallion and Orange Salsa
Pan-Fried Parsnips with Sour Cream and Onions
Green Vegetable Sauce
Amaranth tabouli
Szechuan Green Bean Recipe
Cilantro Salad
Kale Salad
Green Goddess Spread
Herbed Sliders, 2 Variations
Simple Scallion Pancakes
Simple Scallion Pancakes
Grated Roots Salad with a Curry Dressing
Tempeh Salad (alternative to Tuna Salad)
Fresh Salsa
Cabbage and Apple Slaw
Creamy Broccoli Salad
Garlic & Herb Vinaigrette Salad Dressing
Creamy Broccoli Salad
Sausage and Greens Soup
Turnip and Turnip Greens soup
Grilled Scallions with Seasame Oil
Marinated Vegetables
Golden Corncakes
Chow Mein Style Noodles with Pea Shoots
Spinach Quiche with Lardons
Green Onion Sweet Corn Fritters
Green Onion Oil Deviled Eggs
Radish Rissoto
Couscous Casserole
Flat Bread Pizza
Blueberry Salsa
Roasted Radishes with Soy Sauce and Toasted Sesame Seed
Marina Anagnostou’s Spanakopetes (Spinach Triangles)
Black Bean & Corn Salsa
DRIED FAVA BEANS: Ful Mudammas, a traditional Egyptian dip
Spring Radish Spread, from The Farmers Market Cookbook
Spring Quiche, adapted from Simply In Season
Turnips Greens N' Ham
Napa Cabbage Salad with Peanuts
Zucchini Lasagna
Zucchini-Crusted Pizza
Zucchini Garden Chowder
Ranch Dressing
Golden Cheddar Cheese Soup - adapted from Moosewood Restaurant
Cucumber Gazpacho
Napa Cabbage Salad with Peanuts - adapted from Local Flavors by Deborah Madison
Southwestern Slaw
Homemade Ranch Dressing/Dip
Cucumber Yogurt Salad
Korean Sauerkraut (Kimchi)
Asian-flavored Cole Slaw
Napa Cabbage Stir-fry
Beet Greens with Summer Squash and Scallion
Snow Pea and Radish Salad with Ginger-Lime Vinaigrette
Cucumber Salsa
Creamed Spinach Potato Gratin
Basil Butter Garlic Bread
Beet & Kale Salad
Blueberry Salsa
Collard Wraps
Delicata Dish
Baby Bok Choy with Cashews
Radish Salsa
Refrigerator Pickles
Chop Salad
Potato Salad- creamy
Cabbage Soup- 3 ways
Squash Tacos
Roasted Vegetable Orzo
Cranberry Bean, Lacinato Kale and Pasta Soup
Ottolenghi's Herb Soup
Farm Quiche with Grated Potato Crust
Tomato Zucchini Frittata
Sassy Corn & Cucumber Relish
Roasted Vegetable Orzo Salad
Sweet Melon Salsa
Stir Fry Rice
Granny’s New Potatoes
Beet and New Potato Salad
Roasted Vegetables
Summer Squash & Corn Chowder
Southwestern Stuffed Peppers
Tomato Scallion Shortcakes with Whipped Goat Cheese
Crunchy Bok Choy Ginger Salad
Bobbie's Garden Gazpacho
Charlemangne Salad with Hot Brie Dressing
Canned Salsa
Tropical Tomatillo Banana Salsa
Braised Radishes
Grilled Steak-Wrapped Scallion Appetizers
Indian Avacado Salsa
Savory Scallion Noodle Cake
Spinach-Cheese Quiche
Stir Fry Bok Choy with Ginger
Shrimp and Scallion Stir-Fry
Scallion Couscous
Leafy Avacado and Radish Salad
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