About Our farm

We are a small family run specialty farm located in beautiful Woodbine, Howard County, MD. We have been using sustainable responsible growing methods for the past 30 years. Our farm uses  organic methods and the farms we work with use either Organic, Natural or Integrated Pest Management. This also ensures that you will have the widest variety of farm fresh fruits and vegetables, not just what we grow on our farm. This allows us to provide tree fruits such as peaches, apples, cherries and more. This also helps with crop failure. If one crop fails, chances are another farm will have it. 

Our goal is to grow the most nutritious healthy food, including heirloom varieties for taste; the way our grandparents did. Our heritage breed chickens are raised on pasture, fed a vegetarian diet, allowed to scratch for bugs and act like chickens the way nature intended. The chickens lay eggs of many colors that some people find amusing. You will taste the farm fresh difference. Other livestock raised naturally are our sheep and alpacas. The wool from these animals is used for our fiber creations such as socks scarves, purses and more. Our pork, meat chickens and beef are raised on pasture for us by local  small family farms. They are well cared for and some have won "Grand Champion" ribbons at the county and state fairs.  The results? Tender, delicious and flavorful.      


In addition to growing vegetables, berries, flowers and herbs, we have our own delicious raw honey. jams, relishes; sauces, made with fresh local fruits and veggies. We link with other local farms and carry cheese, butter, yogurt and milk.  New is ice cream, made with some of our farm fresh ingredients. We also make goat and sheep's milk body products including soaps, lotions, and creams using premium ingredients. Our soaps are all olive oil based and suited for the most sensitive skin. Sometimes we also infuse our products with our own herbs which can also be skin soothing.

Products are sold through our C.S.A., our new Country Market which is located on Frederick Rd. and St. John's Lane. 9090 Frederick Rd.  Thurs.-Sun.10-6pm. 

The Sheep & Wool Festival the first weekend in May.

Website is www.breezywillowfarm.com 

Thanks for supporting our Howard County farm, our linking farms and small businesses.  When you buy fresh and local, you are supporting your local economy and helping to keep small farms alive while helping others to start or diversify.

Our extra produce is donated weekly to the Howard County Food Bank, which helps the needy in our community.


Your Friends at Breezy Willow Farm,

R.J, Ken, Casey and Jason

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